"How do I become myself?" Carl Rogers
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I work from a person centred perspective.
This approach originates from the work of Carl Rogers.
He was one of the founders of Humanistic Psychology. It means that I will work with whatever you bring at your pace, in a non-judgemental way. I believe that within us we all have the resources to live more fulfilling lives and I would work with you to help you realise your potential.

I offer a private and confidential service.

Counselling would normally be for an hour session weekly. Some people may find a few sessions are enough to resolve a particular issue, others may find they need months to explore what their difficulties are. We would decide between us how many sessions to contract for.

Why Counselling?

Counselling can serve many purposes: having somewhere safe to offload worries, being supported to work through dilemmas and explore issues that feel difficult to raise with partners, friends or within families.

Counselling can help with many issues including:

Self-esteem/lack of confidence
Problems in relationships
Family issues
Sexuality or other identity issues
Body image /eating difficulties
Problematic dependencies e.g. alcohol, drugs

“It seems to me that at the bottom each person is asking, “who am I, really? How can I get in touch with this real self, underlying all my surface behaviour? How can I become myself?” Carl Rogers