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My first professional qualifications were in Psychology (BA hons) and Social Work (MA/DIPSW).
I completed my BACP accredited Advanced Diploma in Counselling in 2004. I also have a post-graduate certificate in counselling supervision. I have had training in couples counselling and have completed a course in Mindfulness.


I have 17 years experience in the social care and therapy field. I have gained my counselling experience in 2 young people’s mental health centres, a G.P. practice and a Brook Advisory Centre. I have also worked counselling women within a Rape Crisis Centre, a women’s refuge, adult mental health services and with lesbian, gay and bisexual young people. I currently work with refugees and asylum seekers as well as in private practice.


I feel passionately about counselling and know from my own experience how transforming it can be. It has helped me both to work through individual issues and to improve the quality of my relationships with others.

I also feel strongly about issues of social justice and equality, the treatment of all people, animals and the environment. I have a particular interest in how the political and the personal cross over in all our lives and in issues of personal power and identity.

When I’m not working I love music and dancing of all kinds, culture, cooking and eating! I relax by reading, going for a massage and practising yoga.

"Even in the grimmest of circumstances, a shift in perspective can create startling change" Susan Griffin